Dynamic flash image zoom viewer (swf) is now offered for sale

We have developed a proprietary flash image viewing tool which will give your clients the ability to zoom in or out on a set of high resolution images on your web site.

What makes this tool SPECIAL is the ability to load the selected image dynamically into the zoom viewer. Only a single flash file is used, not a flash file for each image that needs displayed.

Image zoom tools of this type are generally only found on large ecommerce web sites run by multimillion dollar retailers.

Now, even small web businesses on a budget can enjoy the benefits of this great sales tool

Here's a screen shot of what it would look like:

sreen shot of the dynamic flash zoom image viewer

Note: Further customization of the look and features can be discussed as per your requirements.

Demo Files:

Demo One (fixed size)
Demo Two (full screen size, adjusts to screen size)

Examples of sites that have purchased the dynamic flash image zoom tool:

George Subkoff Antiques (Connecticut, USA)
Gemert Art Gallery (Netherlands)
Enrico Gallerie D'Arte (Italy)

Here are the only requirements:

  1. The image folder should be at the same file level (or lower) as the image display page
  2. All the images must be in the same folder, otherwise multiple zoom image viewers would be necessary (one per folder)
  3. All the images be either jpg or gif, not a collection of both types

We will supply you with the code necessary for the dynamic image zoom viewer display page, the url format to use to link to this page and the flash movie file (swf). The source flash file (fla) is not supplied. The swf is meant to work on a single web site but will work on multiple web sites if they are configured similarly.

All you need tell us:

  1. Whether you want the fixed size dynamic flash image zooming tool (and the size you want) or the full screen flash image zoomer
  2. The image folder name (or the path to the image folder from the page where the viewer is situated
  3. Whether you are working with jpegs or gifs

We accept PayPal payments, check or money order for $200.00.

We will contact you to finish configuration after payment.

Please direct all questions to the email address provided below.